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Krkfire doesn’t just claim to have more reliable piston rings, we put our money where our mouth is! Our passenger car rings carry a full three-year, 120,000 km warranty (one-year, 70,000 km for trucks), far superior to what competitors offer. End-users are well-pleased with the wide-range, beautiful surface treatment, high-hardness, and nice packaging for these items.

Due to tight internal and supplier controls combined with great cooperation and communication means that we are well able to control costs, quality, and delivery. For both distributors and end-users this means consistently great value, great flexibility, and promises kept. For example, while others claim delivery of 45-60 days, we guarantee it!

Krkfire head gasket sets are targeted at the middle and high-end passenger car aftermarket, and differ from other market offerings in a number of important ways. Firstly, far higher product reliability (due to highly-consistent cylinder diameter compressibility), and great cylinder ring appearance. To reduce long-term abrasion, non-metal parts are used in the cylinder head. These features are thanks to our great engineering staff – professionals with 25 years experience in engine parts manufacturing and repair, including more than 15 years with head gaskets specifically.

Secondly, and unlike the competition, we carefully choose materials particular to each product for improved function. Further, all metal components carry a four-year, 100,000 km warranty, in addition to a two-year, 50,000 km warranty on all asbestos materials. What’s more, we have previously produced a huge range of molds for both passenger cars and small/medium-sized buses and can therefore offer a tremendous variety of head gaskets at competitive prices.

Packaging Detail:
•KRKFIRE packing or Meet your requirement.
Delivery Detail:
•3-7 days for stock items.
•2 months for production line.
1. Material Check

•stretch detection
•missing material detection
•elasticity check
•proportion density

2. Mould Check

•inspection of wire-electrode cutting sample plates

3. Semi-finished Product Sampling

•dimension check: accuracy of hole siting, thickness, and cylinder end
•screw hole and oil passage hole check

4.Finished Product Sampling and Testing

•cylinder diameter compressibility and sealing test on a specialized press
•lead extrusion test on a specialized balance press, to measure product flatness
•sample check